Friday, February 27, 2009

Sometimes I am just...

...kinda forgetful and really, really random. I had promised myself and all my faithful readers (Hi Kelly)I would blog almost every day but then I get a blog and can't think of anything to say. Of course,previously,I would have all these ideas and think "That would be great to blog about" and now, nothing. Go figure.

So for today some random thoughts and questions...

How old is "vintage"? 30 years old, 50? Things from the 1970's? The 60's?
What is the difference between vintage and old?
How do you know if you are an artist?
I really need to take more pictures of my journals and stuff.
Trader Joe's is dangerous :) Today I bought freeze-dried strawberries. Taste really good and remind me of "astronaut food"
I love my job but not all my co-workers (some days,none of them)
Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana. Just seems weird to me.

Well, enough randomness for now. Have a wicked pissa weekend!


  1. Hi Sharyn!!!
    I'm running out the door but will answer your email later on's almost 2 and I still haven't showered and Tristan is due out of school in less than an hour-eeps!
    I LOVE this post...
    I guess we are vintage, eh? ;) If 30 is vintage then at 34, I am vintage.
    I'm an artist because I say so. ;)
    LOL Vintage and old-vintage means a higher price tag-hee hee.
    I LOVE Trader's Joes. STAY AWAY from their chocolate peanut butter cups. They are the best thing EVER.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Dave Grohl.........................

  2. Oh man,if Kelly is vintage then I am really, really old vintage--43 going on 44!

    Don't worry about not blogging every day. I use to, but putting that pressure on myself made it became a chore and not fun. Blog when you can, say whatever the heck you want (I know I do!). Do it for YOU! And check out Blogging Without Obligation ( It'll make you feel so much better! At least it did for me and I even sport the logo on my blog as a reminder to myself. Well, that and the fact it has a crow on it and I love ravens and crows.

    Mmmmmm, Trader Joe's peanut butter cups. HEAVEN!!!!!!

    Babbling as usual...........