Thursday, December 24, 2009

while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads...

Now get to bed and go to sleep so Santa can visit. Remember-he won't come if you're still awake!

Don't forget to leave some goodies for Santa :)
Sweet dreams and may Santa be good to you...because I know you've been good :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Festivus...

...for the rest of us !!!

I hope you celebrate by airing of the grievences and performing feats of strength. And don't forget the Festivus pole. What you do with that is up to you ;)

Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Looks pretty, doesn't it?while it was still snowing
outside the kitchen window

And just a bit of color to brighten things up...
A pillow I made. Not sure if I am going to give this one away or keep it for myself. A gift was the original intention but I really, really like it :)

And now ...(drumroll please)... one of the totebags that have taken so much of my time. I am really happy with how they turned out. The handles are denim on one side and print on the other and this bag is lined with orange polkadot fabric. The little white "taggie" thing sticking out is a piece of ribbon that says "Blah Blah Blah" . Every one that I made is different. None of the 17 have the same fabric combinations so each is unique.

A few of these may go in my etsy shop in January . Whadda u think?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself...

...I'm a man of wealth and taste. (ok,I couldn't resist saying that)

After a long wait and a few mishaps I am pleased to announce the arrival of Tucker T. Remlik. Tucker hails from Upper Northernmost somplace where it is very cold. He stays warm by wearing velvet (at least around his neck) and snuggling.

Since Tucker dislikes the cold so much, while he enjoys visiting here,he is planning a move to the West Coast and the warmer climate of So Cal. He thinks he has a face made for the movies.(horror movies if you ask me! Just kidding,Tuck). He will be in need of a traveling companion as he CANNOT be unsupervised. Trust me on this one. Should any 12 year olds be going that way,would you mind if Tucker tags along?

His lifelong ambition is to have a lifesize Lego replica of himself created and permanently installed somewhere. If he visits you,please remember no fermented tofu for him (refer to snow drift incident for clarification)

Ready for my close up!!!

I think he fits right in here, don't you? Clovis and Mavis have taken an instant liking to Tucker. I wonder why???

PS-Miss Maybelle says she will have no part in "such childish behaivor". (She means she's not going to show you her bum)
More coming soon!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I forgot to add this.

Unemployment saga continued...

I received the written notice of my appeals decision. It reads "Original determination OVERTURNED". In the conclusions section it says "The claimant did not quit". It says other stuff too but that was the point I had been arguing all along.

I was informed I should receive my first check, including benefits retroactive to the week of June 6, within 7 days of the determination. Hooray!!!

Happy to have the whole thing over and done with :)

The weather outside is frightful...

...and is not so delightful. We got about 18" of snow in the past 24 hours. Yikes!!! Looks like anyone who wanted a white Christmas will be happy.

I spent the past 2 days sewing and sewing and sewing some more. The end is in sight!

There has been a weather related delay in Tucker's arrival. After his snowbank incident (which I believe was a result of too much fermented tofu) he is a bit hesitant to venture out in the snow. Being from Upper Northernmost somewhere or another, that can be a problem. Maybe if we put a bag over his head so he can't see the snow...

I will have some pictures tomorrow. I left my camera at my in-laws house (which I have been using as my "holiday workshop" since they have been in Florida).

Stay warm :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ain't no rest for the wicked, baby...

What have I been up to? Let's see-more babysitting, driving back and forth to swim practice and lots and lots and lots of sewing. I really hope the recipients of what I am making like their presents.

Partially assembled tote bags. I am making 17 of them for the Divine Miss H to give her friends.

For those of you who have been following my unemployment saga, I finally had my appeals hearing (only 4 short months after requesting one). My former employer did not show up. This was very good for me. I still have to wait for my official written notification but am 99.9% sure things will be in my favor. It is so nice to have that over with. It's freakin' ridiculous that I originally applied for unemployment almost 8 months ago and things have taken so long. I am thankful I am not the primary income earner in my household-I would be screwed!!!

I do have a new friend on the way. I believe he has been trekking through a blizzard to get here but he sent along a few pictures.

Face down in a snow drift-

A (little too) close up-

His name is Tucker and that is about all he has told me so far. A sort of mysterious fellow if you ask me. I do know he would prefer to live in a warmer climate and is a vegeterian as long as you don't consider bologna to be meat (no fakey fake stuff please). He should be here in the next day or two. I think you'll like him.

A bunch more to talk about but my thoughts are very unorganized right now. When they get unjumbled I will get back to you :)
unoriginal thought for today: The young regret what they did,the old regret what they didn't.

What do you think?
I can't change the "dids" but I am trying like hell to not have "didn'ts". One of the things my sister told me in the days before she died is that she had no regrets. What a wonderful way to have lived your life.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Remember me?

Sorry for my absence. I have been busy, busy, busy. Since I last posted my baby girl turned 16 and we had dinner at my mum's to celebrate with my brother and his family, I helped my mother at another holiday fair while spending the weekend on the Cape, met some people there that I will tell you about later,hung out with my friend Susan, went shopping and out to lunch with my mum, babysat for Cassie and almost finished cutting out the Christmas gifts I am making (all 27 of them!) Needless to say I have been quite tired when I get home and don't even feel like sitting at the computer. I have actually skipped a day or two checking my email. Now that's busy.

To make it up to you here are some more altered photos. I have started to put them in a journal that has painted pages and my own photos will be the only images I am using. I have stuck a few in there using colored masking tape. I will take a few pictures if the sun ever comes out again( so I can get some good light).

Hopefully I will post a few "real" entries soon. Hope you like the pictures :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well it's about time!

Introducing Mavis Yvette Vanderfelt. She was being difficult so it took awhile to get her to cooperate for this photo shoot but I think she was worth it :)

Everyone says she looks like her brother but she disagrees and feels she is MUCH better looking. I attribute the attitude to her general diva-ish behaivor.

Just look at that face. Trust me, she is lucky she is cute!

One of the reasons for her delay is she stopped somewhere in her travels to get a tatoo and insists on showing it off.
Maybe tomorrow she will allow me to take some pictures of her and Clovis together.

Altered photos

Some altered photos. These are so much fun to do. Once you start it is hard to stop. Fun,fun,fun!
Please excuse the quality of my images. I had a hard time getting good pictures.