Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've been going through some of my daughter's old toys so I can give them to my niece and nephew. It makes me happy to give the toys to someone who will enjoy them but at the same time it makes me sad. Getting rid of her toys is just another sign she is growing up. It made me think of how we'd play together when she was younger and all the happiness she got from her toys.
She has changed and grown so much this past year. I feel like a mama bird watching her baby learn to fly. And what mama hasn't shed a few tears of both pride and sadness when their baby starts to fly?
I think my biggest fear is that she won't need me anymore. I know she still does,and will, just in a different way but it's hard. As she grows and changes I'm needing to change too.


  1. yes, is essential that you "grow & change" along with your youngins so that you can help with each stage of life as it comes! ;)

  2. As my two children have grown, I have had to change, too. But, at the same time, I find that it isn't that they need me less, or more, it's that they need me differently. They will always be my babies but the toys are different and the boo-boo's are emotional instead of physical. Band-aids don't help, but listening anad hugs still do. Luckily, even in their 20's, they still get crazy giggles. I have a feeling that you and your daughter will grow together!

  3. Trust me on this one, Sister, she will ALWAYS need you for something (and I mean good stuff that will warm your heart), and as sweet as the days you cherish from the past, you will share new things together just as sweet or sweeter. Right now, you are just laying concrete for the ride ahead which is going to be sweet. Looking at a nest emptying is tough as well as the nest being empty, but it is just a transition, not a final destination. Love ya, see ya soon!

  4. Thank you ladies for all your words of wisdom and experience.