Monday, October 11, 2010

Trying to stay busy

...because that is my attempt to avoid my "demons". If I fill myself with enough busyness I can try to block out the overwhelming sadness I feel and at least pretend I have a purpose.
I have been back at my sewing machine after a long hiatus. What am I making? Well I have an idea but am still working on the implementation. I'll show you when I'm done.

As with most things around here Theo had to get in on the project too!

He really needs to be careful or before he knows it his feet will go zipping under that needle and he will find himself attached to some thing or another.
(He also seems to have an unnatural obsession with cheese. Go figure.)


  1. Tee hee. That last bit about the cheese cracked me up! I look forward to seeing the outcome of your sewing project.

    Sending you smiles,
    Stephanie :)

  2. Check out these fabulous fabrics!! I can't wait to see what wonderful thing you make:) Yes, you've got to watch that Theo and his cheese obsession:) Still, he is good company, isn't he? Wish I were there to give you a hug!

  3. You have such a great sense of humor. And I can oh so relate to the busyness comment to try and keep the demons at bay.

    I have also been thinking it was time to get my sewing machine out again. Can't wait to see your latest work!

    Huge hug,