Friday, October 1, 2010

Flower Head Monster no more...

Don't worry, I'm okay! I,formerly known as Flower Head Monster, decided to tell Sharyn my name.

My name is Theodore Parsipinus and I am originally from Tennessee but now reside in the lovely Bay State, Massachusetts. I wanted to be called TP but Sharyn said that sounded inappropriate (what does she know?). So I guess you can call me Theo or T for short.

I look forward to having many adventures and telling you a little more about myself. I really am an interesting fella!

I am trying to talk Sharyn into letting me have my own blog but all she says is "We'll see how you behave". She seems to have the crazy idea that I'm a bit...umm, let's just say "spirited".

Gotta run. I hear her coming!!!!!


  1. Hi Theo! You are a very colorful character! ;)

  2. Well hello Theo! So nice to know that we're on a first name basis. You sound like my kind of guy and I look forward to your spirited adventures! And you're a lucky guy to live with a great lady like Sharyn. :)