Wednesday, January 12, 2011

tiny victories

I tend to get very overwhelmed quite easily. When I get overwhelmed I stop. Just stop. Do nothing at all. It's like my brain has too much in it so it shuts down. All this does is creates that all too familiar cycle of "things that need to be done-feeling overwhelmed-do nothing-hate and berate myself for being a loser for doing nothing". I have really had enough of this and am trying to finds ways to change.
My husband reminds me to take things in small pieces rather than keep looking at the overall task. Sometimes that task is just getting through a day. Good advice though.
Here is where I came up with my idea about "tiny victories". I don't have to clean my house,do all the projects I have on my list,change my life and be healed all at once. All I have to think about is today. One day at a time-cheesy as that is. Sometimes one hour at a time.Yesterday I didn't do much but I didn't go to bed for the day. In fact I never went back to bed at all during the day. For me,this is progress. So yesterday was a tiny victory. I have to take what I can get.
I know this is kind of rambling but if I didn't get it out now it was going to stay stuck in my head. I hope you get what I'm saying. No need to save the celebration for the finish line. Celebrate just getting in the race.
You have to start somewhere.

If the weather is cold and snowy where you are I hope you are warm and cozy. I feel a little bad for The Girl. Today is a snow day, no school, no work but she already had the day off from school as it was make up day for midterms. So she feels a little cheated. What can you do?


  1. One of my favorite books is called the 15 Second Principle. That all you have to do is try something for 15 seconds. It's amazing how such a seemingly small amount of time could make changes, but it really does.

    I'm also working on celebrating the small victories - it's so important and who knows maybe in the long run more important? Congrats to you on your little victory which really seems rather significant! Cheers all around for you!

  2. Tiny victories are wonderful. Never under estimate the power of an ant, or an hour. There have been times in my life (years) when I lived one hour at a time. Literally. And I got through. I wish you many more small victories and a smile.

  3. Hooray for tiny victories! Life can be so overwhelming - I totally know it. Wonderful for you to celebrate all victories, my dear:)