Tuesday, January 4, 2011

trying to keep in touch

I really want to get back into the habit of regularly taking pictures and blogging so I just need to jump in and do it. What does that mean for you? Well, it means sometimes you're just gonna get whatever disorganized nonsense is running through my head and other times,a well thought out proper post. Hey, that's me...

What I am thinking about right now:

-Squam. I am returning this September and have my forms filled out, deposit check written and envelope addressed. Trying to finalize my class choices,hard because there is so much good stuff. Now to patiently wait for the 11th so I can mail it
- my feelings of inadequacy after reading other blogs. Most of the time I get inspired but sometimes I think why do I bother because I don't have "one little word" or great intentions or inspired thoughts or everything I make looks like a 5 year old did it or...you get the drift
-that I do some weird stuff. Too much to elaborate on right now
-Snooki wrote a book. I read some posted excerpts (why do I do this?) and feel part of my brain has died
-Theo is working on a blog of his own. It should be ready soon. He leads a far more exciting life than I.
-my friends. You know who you are

See you tomorrow :)


  1. Hey, woman, I've seen what you make and it does NOT look like. 5 year old did it. :)
    Lol I was telling hubby about the one word blogs and he looked at me like I was nuts. Tristan was in the back seat and yelled that his one word was, "Excelsior!" after seeing Stan Lee today. Lol my boys keep me laughing. ;)

  2. Hey Sharyn,

    I really enjoy your blog and sense of humor! I look forward to more posts and Theo antics - they crack me up.

    Also, when I write on my blog, in case you want to know, I do it for me first. It's a way for me to process things going on in my life. If people want to come along for the ride - great, but it has to be for me first. It's not always easy but reminding myself of that helps a touch with the inadequacy part. And really if Snooki has a book then we can definitely have a blog - ha, ha!


  3. Sharyn........love your blog. I am out of the blog loop but am hoping to get back into it.
    I agree with lily.....you have a witty sense of humor....i love it......keep it up.....and i am looking forward to theo's spinoff......

    i am hoping to make it to squam again....Is susan going to? we will have to drive up together.......


  4. I'm with Lily, write for you first. Sometimes I have to remind myself to do that... it's so easy to jump into the comparison game, but really nobody wins.

    I love that picture of Theo. :)