Friday, June 4, 2010


Today I got myself out of the house and spent some time with my wonderful friend Susan. I always feel happy hanging out with her. We were talking about my May page-a-day pages and how my idea was to do something creative in a short period of time. That lead to what I think is my take on art journaling. That you can say something meaningful without taking alot of time. You don't need to fill every bit of space with fancy stuff or copious journaling, you don't have to agonize over the "art" part. It's really all about saying what's inside YOU and sometimes a few words or even no words, can say everything.

a journal page from last month


  1. Dwarfs and golden high heels...great fun focal! And I do so agree with your take on art journaling. Sometimes I agonize over the art part, but when I don't, I have more fun and feel better for sure. I have to move past my "organized nature" that I have to have at work, I think, and get free-er more often. I really like your pages and I enjoyed your May!

  2. Very true Sharyn! I struggle with this a lot. Very cute page! Love those little elves. :)
    Much LOVE

  3. But the gnomes love a snack and a good snuggle.