Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Another journal page. I didn't like it after I started it so it sat around for awhile. Still not my fave but it's ok. It was fun to cover the whole page in tape. I am in the midst of a tape fit right now,putting it on everything,every bit of mail that leaves this house has tape whether it needs it or not! If I have developed a tape problem I blame the amazing Kelly Kilmer. She even teaches a tape class!Sometimes I like using song lyrics in my journal. There are times when they seem to express what I am thinking or feeling or questions to ponder. Do you ever use lyrics as part of a page? Or do you have any song lyrics that mean something to you? Just wondering what goes on in other people's heads :)

I want to thank everyone who has already commented on yesterday's post. I am amazed at how many people read my blog! Thank you all! I have visited many new blogs and feel like you are all my new friends. Now if you haven't commented on yesterday's post, please do because I am running a giveaway for envelopes of collage fodder! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell strangers on the street! (OK,maybe not strangers)


  1. Hey! Don't go blaming me... :)

    I've used song lyrics, quotes, etc... all of it fodder for my books! :D

  2. I have used song lyrics and quotes. They do seem to spark inspiration for me when journaling, and yes, they often say what it is that I'm feeling, better than I could say it. AND, I totally blame Kelly Kilmer for my tape obsession. I gaze lovingly at my stacked rolls of washi tapes and lace tapes and masking tapes in pretty colors...who needs a TV? And when I do use some, aah, it makes the page. Okay, so I thank Kelly K for my tape obsession...!

  3. Just sayin... I didn't have a tape problem until Kelly either, but after seeing her boatload (think cruise ship here, Kids) of tape, maybe it isn't us with the problem, right?
    Hmmm, lyrics? If shut up, listen up, grow up, show up,give it up,and don't interrupt are song lyrics, then I use them. That is what I had to vent in to my journal last night. I am feeling much better now, and today I was actually able to deal with the person who inspired those words so much better than usual. I just smiled and thought of my journal when the pressure was on.

  4. I don't use song lyrics, but I do sometimes use quotes in my journal... I'm terrible with song lyrics in general, that's why I don't use them-- is the page with the line about war and a cage from song lyrics?? I like that quote, whatever it's from! And as for tape, I never would have known they even MADE decorative tape if it wasn't for Kelly! (or poster paint markers, or souffle pens, or fun transparencies, or... on second thought, thanks, Kelly!!)

  5. crimsoncat,the above lyrics are from "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd