Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stop Needling Me

Since I did all that sewing for the holidays I haven't touched my sewing machine-until yesterday. I was all ready to finish up stuff and start some new projects but nooooo-my machine decides to be all wonky.Maybe it's mad because it's been neglected for months but it was working fine the last time I used it. Now it makes a weird noise, the tension is all off and it just won't work right. Needless to say, I was frustrated and did no sewing. I have to check how much it costs to take it to the repair place then I'll decide if it should be fixed or look for a new one. I hate to really invest too much in this one as it was pretty cheap to begin with. Phooey I say because I'm saving my pennies. But that's something for another day.

I have been doing some sewing though. I find hand stitching very relaxing so I made this mini mini quilt. It measures about 5"x6" and is made from scraps I had around.
...and a few more journal pages. I only have 2 pages left in this book. I'm not sure what one I'll use next but it will probably be a smaller one.

Prayers and positive thoughts for my friend Kelly who is dealing with some stuff right now. I love you my friend.

Still looking for nicole and jurassic. Your goodies are waiting!

Shouldn't we all have sparkly red shoes?


  1. Thanks Sweetie! LOVE your journal pages! Best of luck with your sewing machine. Diggin' those sparkly pretty shoes!

  2. Wonky? I hate when that happens. If you don't get that machine working before August, pack it and bring it, and Sewing Machine Whisperer will take a look at it.
    Have you tried taking off the plate over the bobbin, and giving it all a good dusting in there. checking the bobbin and "sew" on? I fixed several castoffs doing just that.

  3. Hi Sharyn, I haven't heard from you in a while. I miss my buddy. Your blog looks great. I love what you are doing with it. I have been doing some journalling and rug braiding. I am not always here but you know my code. Come by and I can show you how to use my sewing machine. Then you can slip in and out when you need to get some sewing done. No problem. :) How's Holly doing?