Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hush Hush...

Sometimes pages don't need extra words to convey my feelings. Let the pictures do the talking. Other times lots of words are required.

Do you date all of your journal pages? I never do. Just never think of it I guess.


  1. Love them!

    I date my pages unless I work in several in one day, then I just date the first one.

  2. Nice! I always date my pages because I keep my completed journals in chronological order. Since nearly every journal is at least somewhat autobiographical, it helps me remember when I was feeling a certain way. Plus it is fun to see how my "stuff" evolves over time.

  3. Great pages!

    In one of my first pages I did not date the pages and it always irritates me when I go back and look at it. I date my pages now however sometimes I make up dates because I feel like I am doing too many pages in one day so really their is no difference. LOL!

  4. Love love love your stuff! :) thank you for stopping by my blog too! ~ I look forward to following your blog now! :) Have a great weekend!
    Yes, I date mine, but they are not beautiful pieces of art like yours, I don't know if I would date them or not. But I am inspired to find out! Must journal soon! :)

  5. Your pages are brilliant. Sending you big love. xo