Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tidying up a bit

This is what became of my page using stencils that I began yesterday. The two page thing didn't work for me so I just did one. the beginnings of my art wall. I want to add more stuff including art done by my friends, until the whole wall if full.
another page I threw together-it might not be done yet,I don't know

On a totally unrelated topic-Do you ever go on food jags? You know, eating the same thing everyday for a period of time and then not touching it again for months? I am very prone to doing this. Right now it is saurkraut and my family could not be more unhappy. Why saurkraut? Beats me,I just know I have been eating it everyday for about two weeks with almost everything (except cereal). Just another quirky thing about me.
That is all :)


  1. Well, you got the beautiful part down, Missy! Where's the paparazzi when your art calls for them? Huh?

  2. I love what you did with your stencils! I am totally a rut eater! I will eat the same thing for lunch or dinner for months on end. People think it is silly, I think it is normal. :)

  3. Hi Sharyn , I love what you are doing. I will start working on something for your wall. I think we need to hit the midgets (if you know what I mean) I hope to see you this week. xxoo Susan