Wednesday, March 17, 2010

why oh why

I have been quite weepy the past few days. I carry so much hurt,pain,anger and unresolved feelings within me and I never know when they will rise to the top. I hate it. I hate that it makes me feel weak to need help. To ask for help requires trust and I have a very hard time with that. So instead of dealing with what is making me feel bad I end up beating up on myself for all my "weaknesses". Great way to resolve things,huh? I know I am dealing with both a biological basis for depression and anxiety as well as life experiences and situations but c'mon,how much am I supposed to deal with? So I cry and cry and cry some more. Sometimes I feel like I will always be broken...and who can love broken? Yes, today I have been babbling and typed this hurriedly and uncensored. I had to get it out. Sorry.


  1. Don't apologize, sweetie! Get it out!! :)

    You know I'm here for you!

    Love love love your pages!

  2. Sending hugs from AZ. I'm not a trained therapist, but I think it is better to let it out than hold it in, so to quote a song, "It's alright to cry." Love you, Missy. It is past time for another lollipop!

  3. Thanks for all the love and kind comments!