Monday, March 1, 2010

Scenes From A Studio

I have been working at cleaning,purging,organizing all of the stuff that has been piling up in "my room". I want it to be usefull but pretty too. Saturday Michael is painting an accent wall for me-spring green. On that wall I am going to hang a bunch of my art work and some things I have received from my friends or purchased along the way.

As my friend, if you would like to send me a little something to hang on my wall I would love it! I will send some super good stuff in return! All I ask is that I can hang it on the wall-paper, fabric, wood, whatever.

So here are some pictures of the parts that aren't still too messy to show or just stuff I like really :)

I have a thing for jars and bottles paints and inks of all kinds
punch me-I love Martha Stewart punches
the closet-we removed the doors and installed shelves (I have since cleaned this up a bit :)

my studio guardian angel (she's also a bank!)
How about that! Speaking of studios,I gave in and purchased the latest issue of Studios magazine. Let's just say I am not satisfied. First of all the price is now $14.99-yes they claim it is bigger but not almost double the previous price bigger. It appears they are following in the Somerset/Stampington footsteps of book priced magazines. Second, there are a ton of different studios but only 2 pages of each at most. Where is everything else? When I see a studio article I want to see all of it. I would rather there be fewer different studios but more pictures of the ones that are there. I would also like to see more of what each of the artists produce in their spaces. I want to see someone's closet where they work or the corner of the livingroom that is theirs or...not everyone has a "studio". Don't these places count? (I think I am just ranting now,sorry)Anyone else have this magazine? What do you think? What do you like to see about other people's studios/art spaces?

I'm feeling better,can't you tell? Sadly the Divine Miss H is home from school. It is her turn to be sick :(

That is all :)


  1. Such a CUTE and COOL room!!!! I LOVE it!!!! :)
    Dig that lamp!

    OY on the magazines! I know how you feel!!! I am thinking that I need to stop buying several of the magazines (not just CPS' studio) but various Stampington magazines as it's the same ol' same ol'. I just was reading the latest Art Journaling magazine and the number of typos TYPOS in BIG BOLD LETTERS is ridiculous! For a $15 magazine. It seems like they're just churning this stuff out.

    Get better soon, Holly!

  2. Oh I know exactly what you mean with the magazines. Its a pain in the wallet! That's why I spend one or two Saturday mornings a month sitting in the Barnes & Noble Cafe (or the Border's cafe) reading through the magazines and taking notes on whatever inspires me. I also write down artists they're interviewing or talking about, that way when I get home I can look them up on the web!

    Btw, my "studio" is my bed! lol

    Hope you feel better.

    (And I hope I don't seem creepy, I lurk other artists' blogs and I think your artwork is absolutely wonderful)