Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sticky Sweet

My new tape that is! I ordered from a new place that I found while googling "deco tape". I had a very hard time making up my mind because there were so many cute designs to pick from. I am thinking of making a tape book and filling all the pages with just tape :)

wide rolls narrow rolls

tiny rolls The caution tape came as a 3 pack and the others came 10 tiny rolls to a pack.

The prices are what made me take the chance-cheap,cheap,cheap!!! Check it out here. If you order please mention my name as they said for each friend that places an order I would receive a free gift. Let me know what you think after checking it out. Oh, the shipping was reasonable and my package came in 3 weeks.


  1. And you say I tempt you-HA!

    I have been resisting-or trying to resist that website for a very long time! YOU are not helping :D


  2. OMG those are awesome!!!! THanks for sharing.