Monday, March 22, 2010

I can't think of a witty title...

This is a print that I purchased this winter. What is so cool about it is that the original piece of art is a collage made with torn pieces of hand painted paper. I saw the woman, Sandra, at one of the holiday fairs I helped my mum at. I stood there watching her tear small bits of coloful paper and creating pictures. Anyway, I must not have been myself that day because I began talking to her and what came out of the conversation was she told me this spring, when her gallery reopens for the season, to bring some examples of my handpainted papers by for her to see. Cool, huh? Check out her website here. My new trashcan for the studio. The not-so-divine Miss H decided standing in my old one would be a good idea. Guess what? Right, not such a good idea. I must say she was encouraged by my other child, otherwise known as my husband. This one is cute,only about 12" tall but just right for under the desk. Now I just need a chair.

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That is all :)


  1. the bin especially as it has a Union Jack on itx waving from london UKx lynda

  2. I love your art work. I am so glad things are coming together for you. The new wastebasket is awesome. It looks like Miss H. may have done you a favor :)