Monday, November 9, 2009

I did what I said or FINALLY!!!

Well I said I needed to take pictures and I actually did-and put them on the computer. These are some of my "treasures" from my rummage sale/thrift store outing.

The instant I saw this mug I knew I had to have it. Love the colors and it's only about 3 inches tall. So cute :)

A piece of weird fabric. It depicts scenes from Moby Dick. Why? Who knows. What would someone have done with this? Make curtains??? Weird-but maybe I will make it into a pillow...or a lovely piece of clothing for a special friend at Christmas :)

Miscellaneous goodies. That little girl's picture came with the frame. Who is she? Someone's granddaughter? Niece? She seemed lost so I gave her a home. I like the frame and want to sand it down and paint it glossy black.
I have a few other things but I will save them for another day. I will tell you that what I was most excited about was getting an electric fry pan to use for soy wax. I have been looking and finally found one , complete with box and instruction book for $3.00-it really doesn't take much to make me happy sometimes.
In a few weeks I will have to go thrifting again. Want to come?
I spent a few hours today with the lovely Susan. She is one of the kindest souls I know. Thank you Susan for your friendship :) You will never know how much it means to me.
Tomorrow-art photos. You're just dying to see some, aren't you?

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