Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not what I had planned...

Today that is. The Divine Miss H woke up this morning with an earache and proceeds to tell me she has had it for "a few days" and now cannot hear from her left ear. So a call to the doctor and an 11 am visit to find out she has a fungal ear infection. Never heard of it? Neither had I. Oral antibiotics and antifungal eardrops should clear it up in 5 days. I told her (in her good ear) that she really has to tell me if something hurts for more than 1 day. I always feel bad when my baby is sick-but she is a bit better already, at least it is not hurting so much. Oh, we also have to buy special earplugs because swim team starts in less than 2 weeks and we don't want any kind of ear troubles. So that's the story.

So now some visual pretties. This past weekend my mum was in a holiday bazaar. She makes all kinds of decorated sugar cookies, chocolate covered things and other yummy stuff to sell. Thought you might like a few pictures-

Iced pumpkin shaped sugar cookies

sugar cookie turkeys ( the little leaves/pumpkins are tiny separate cookies)

and my favorite, chocolate dipped pretzel rods...I may make some to give at Christmas. Want some?

I couldn't leave you without some artsy pretties to look at-

I am working at finishing my "Soul Journeys" deck that I started this summer in a class with the wonderful Kelly Kilmer. Like a mini collage on each card.
a few more-isn't that little girl cute?

Nothing else from me tonight though I did hear that Clovis's sister Mavis was arriving in town soon!


  1. I hope Miss H is feeling better soon! Earplugs are a great idea.

    *Smacks lips* at cookies-yum.

    LOVE the artwork. The little girl is SO precious ;)

  2. I too am glad to hear Miss Holly is doing better. I got a good belly laugh out of Clovis' sister's imminent arrival. So clever, you are.