Saturday, January 23, 2010

Phooey!!! Rats!!! and stuff

These are some old journal pages. I can't take any new pictures because my camera has stopped working. After much research,troubleshooting and swearing I have found out that the problem cannot be remedied without professional repair. I also learned that the problem has been quite commom in the camera that I have. Phooey!!! I liked mine so much that I was considering getting another one but not now. The camera is a Kodak M1063 if anyone was curious.

I have since spent hours trying to figure out what to get as a replacement. I would not generally go right out to get one but Michael said to because "You really like taking pictures and use your camera almost everyday". He can be so sweet sometimes(makes up for the annoying-ness!)

So right now I am condisering the Canon PowerShot SD780 IS. Does anyone have any knowledge of this camera? I would love to hear whatever anyone has to say about it. I get nervous buying things like cameras because I am so afraid of making a bad choice. I will let you know when I finally decide. Until then,some older pictures for your enjoyment.


  1. That was one of the cameras I was going to get if I didn't get the one I got now (which was a huge combo birthday/Christmas/tax $ refund purchase).

    Look around as I've seen it much cheaper than list price!!!

    Love the pages!!

  2. Leave that bird page with the tape, so I can get in and out quickly with everything. : ) Now, show the rest of the banner. I sense something wonderful in the works.

  3. Jane Eileen-
    I will put all of it in a bag to make things easier for you :)