Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please share your wisdom...

I am stuck. I have some fun stuff made, all photographed and ready to go into my brand new etsy shop BUT I am at a loss on writing up product descriptions. Please share with me any suggestions, advice, been-there-done-that knowledge you may have. Also any suggestions on how to decide pricing, any rules/policies I may need...any wisdom you may have to pass on. Thanks in advance.


  1. Try going to etsy and scoping around to see what others have come up with...

    THAT being said-I LOVE the stories you wrote with Tucker and your other goodies that you create.

    Don't forget shipping!! Make sure you charge enough for shipping.

  2. Write like you talk to your closest admirers. People love it when there is "voice" that speaks to them more than some dry bunch of nothing. Keep in mind not only the price of supplies, but your time and TALENT. If you price it too inexpensively, it is harder to raise it next time than to drop it if need be. And besides real artists don't give stuff away. Checks can be problematic because you have an extra trip to the bank to cash it and then you have to wait for it to clear and if it doesn't you get socked with fees. Go with paypal or cashier's check or money order. Check other prices by searching around for what you are selling. Put an etsy link to your blog. Keep your etsy link as part of your signature of every email, and be patient.