Friday, January 15, 2010

Ugh! and the boots

I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and emails. I truly appreciate that you would take the time to think of me. Your words mean more than you will ever know.

Yesterday was an Ugh! day. I was on my way to pick up some cigar boxes and my car began making a most horrific noise. Because just the thought of breaking down on the highway makes me ill, I turned around and went home for the day. I had to cancel my dentist appointment, didn't do my errands,had to cancel my plans for today, blah blah blah.
Cars trouble sucks. Michael took today off and brought the car in for repair. After looking at it, the mechanic tells him what was wrong and that it would cost around $1400 to fix! Yeah, that's what I thought too. The guy then goes on to say there is an alternative that's only about $200...only thing is the car will no longer have air conditioning. Well, we got it fixed and I can live without ac for a $1200 difference. I hate cars and the trouble they can be. I wish I could live without one. My car isn't even worth $1400 to begin with!

On the lighter side of things-I bought these boots on sale at Old Navy. I thought they might keep my feet warm and even looked kinda "stylish" (I need all the help I can get). I didn't try them on in the store but figured they were my size so they would be fine.

The next day I put them on and go out for the day. They kept my feet warm but my right foot was killing me. I was kinda disappointed because I really did like them. When I got home I told my husband that I would have to return them because they hurt my feet and it was disappointing because I knew the next size would be too big.
So I take them off and as I'm pulling my right foot out something scrapes it. I reach inside and pull out the cardboard that's there to keep the shoe's shape! Guess what?! My boots are really comfortable now and I feel like a dope. Oh well :)

A pillow for Arianna. I just need to sew on a heart and insert the pillow form. I was told her favorite color is green. BTW-she is 5. Do you think she'll like it?

Tomorrow,more tales of the tape.


  1. LOVe love love love how you change your banner pix. LOVE the pillow. I think she won't like it-I think she'll LOVE IT!!!! :)

    Yay for cute boots that fit.

    We lived with a car that had no ac for 12 years. In So Ca that's a big thing-lol. I'd have done the same exact thing as you as there's a huge difference between spending $200 and $1400! Hope the car is better!!!!

    (I also have a fear of breaking down on the highway. I'd rather break down on Rte 3 though than ANY scary freeway here. People are insane and drive wayyyyyyyy too fast here.)

  2. Hi Sharyn, I am so sorry for your troubles.... I am absolutely sure that Adriana will love the pillow. I want you to put it on Etsy so I can buy it and be your first sale. You are the best. I can't wait to get back in the swing of crafting with you. We need our routine back. You do really great work and it is magical.

  3. Hey, if there are any more car troubles, just tape it back together. You have enough. Seriously, LOVE the new banner.