Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random randomness

Today I had one of the best days I have had in a few weeks. I got to hang out and do artsy stuff with my dear friend Susan. I have so missed my routine of going to her house. I feel so comfortable there-and for me that is HUGE. Thank you Susan for being you.

I also did some work writing product descriptions for my potential etsy shop. I say potential because my confidence changes from day to day and the more I think about it the less inclined to actually do it I become. I am trying not to think too much!

Have you ever had so many ideas in your head about things you want to make and do that you become overwhelmed and don't know where to start so you do nothing? Yeah,well that's me most of the time. I am working on not being stuck.

On the same train of thought-Does everyone have a constant stream of dialogue running through their head every waking minute of the day or is it just me? No wonder I can't sleep.

Since I'm being so random how about some random pictures of things in my world right now?

a work in progress another page in progress
tape love
even more tape love-that doodle-y tape is my FAVE!!!
and last but not least-a new friend
That is all : )


  1. AHHHH love your new friend!!! LOVe your pages.

    Uhhhh, yes to the above questions.

    Girlfriend, if you start dropping in your confidence level, pick up that phone and give me a buzz. I'll set ya straight!

    I KNEW you and Susan were having fun today. Just knew it!!

  2. LOL We did have fun and you will open the Etsy shop. You have too much talent and there are too many fun places to take classes not to try and make a few extra $$$$. I had a blast today and I just put a batch of soup in the crock pot for tomorrow. I also sewed a blue doll. It's all good baby.