Friday, January 8, 2010

Time keeps on ticking...


Where has the time gone? Hard to believe that it's been 2 weeks since Christmas. Life just flies past me much too fast.

I know all my fans have been anxiously awaiting the time I would blog again. Here is a quick, very brief update about what's been going on with a promise of much,much more in the near future.

our tree-Christmas Day was quiet. Just the 3 of us. I am very, very glad it is O-V-E-R!!! I dislike the whole "holiday season" and all that goes along with it. Make me extremely depressed.Truly a subject that could fill an entire post and then some.

a few more completed bags-these were made for a couple of special people

remembrance pillows-My mum asked me to make these. They measure about 6 x 6 1/2 and are made from what was my sister's favorite suit.She was going to be buried in it but changed her mind and my mum kept it for some reason. I used the suit lining for the back and the glass beads are from some of the jewelry Michelle made.
It took awhile for me to even start these after getting the suit. I had a hard time cutting into the fabric and it was a very emotional project for me. Making these combined with my sister's birthday in December made me miss her even more. I love you my sister.

Well that's a small update and I have so much more coming up-
what I got for Christmas
projects I am working on
cool stuff I got in the mail
the wonderfully awesome thing that allowed me to get through Christmas because I was so looking forward to it...
and so much more.

Anyone else thinking about going to Squam?
PoGo + babysitting = LOT'S OF FUN!!!


  1. Sharyn, what a loving heartfelt tribute to your wonderful sister. XO.

    I wish I was going to Squam!!!!! It looks like so much fun. It is tops on my list.

    LOL LOVE the idea of pogo plus the kids. I brought mine with me to NY and they LOVED it there!!!!!!!

  2. Sharyn, Really great blog and you are right, I have been looking forward to it. I love the pillows you made, they are beautiful and yet dignified in keeping with the suit. I am sure they will be cherished. The bags rock and I really enjoyed how you photographed them. I have not much time now but let's talk about Squam later. Take care. Susan

  3. How precious, the pillows!

    Squam? Oh my, another way to throw around all that money piling up that we just never know what to do with. Yeah, right. It looks like it would be fabulous! I'll that to my to do list. Are you going?

  4. hey sharyn! it's Donna lavalley (we used to hang out at the stamp act). I got a pogo and am lOVING it!! also, i went to squam this past september. It was wonderful, expensive and i wonder if the money might be better spent on a bunch of classes instead? I'm just trying to decide if i'll go back or if i'd rather take MORE classes close to home. ANYWAY, hope to see you soon. I'm trying to have Artgirlz night at my house, would you want to join us?